Datathon Thailand Thailand s Hackathon on Big Data and Machine Learning in Healthcare 

KKU Datathon: HealthTech for Aging

        At present, 8% of the world population is over 65 years of age, and this percentage is expected to increase to 20% in 20 years, with many of these people being older than 80. Investigate in and explore the opportunity for the HealthTech Solution to a Longer, Healthier Life for Aging is the crucial and challenging issues in Thailand and the World.  With the right solutions can deliver on one biggest goal: providing the best care possible and creating a safe environment for patients.

        KKU datathon  is organised by the Ministry of Science and Technology,  Khon Kaen University ,  and MIT Critical Data. We aim to bring together clinicians, data scientists and innovators in healthcare to address current problems in healthcare with data analytics technologies. The increasing wealth of patient data available through electronic health records has created a surge in research funding and industry interest in health data analytics. Challenges in extracting knowledge from health record databases, however, are significant.The event will strengthen cross-disciplinary collaboration around secondary analysis of electronic health record data, helping to pave the way for reliable knowledge to be translated into action, for the benefit of patients. It will be an event for students, engineers and scientists from Thailand and the region.


Guests from Asia, Australia and United State

Leo Anthony Celi

He has practiced medicine in three continents, giving him broad perspectives in healthcare delivery... Read more >>

Michael Morley

He is an ophthalmologist specializing in retinal diseases at Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston... Read more >>

Katharine Morley

Katharine Morley currently works as an urgent care physician in the Medical Walk In Unit at Massa... Read more >>

Ngiam Kee Yuan

He has practiced medicine in three continents, giving him broad perspectives in healthcare delivery... Read more >>

Boonchai Kijsanayotin

He is the Chair of the Asian eHealth Information Network (AeHIN). The AeHIN promotes better use of... Read more >>

Dr.Nakorn Serirak

Dr. Nakorn Serirak is an active advocator of freedom to information and personal data protection ... Read more >>

Cholatip Pongskul

Prof. Cholatip Pongskul works in the division of nephrology, department of internal medicine in Khon Kaen... Read more >>

Somboon Martkamjan

EDUCATION [Bachelor] | [King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang : KMITL] [Engineering: Industrial.. Read more >>

Feng Mengling

Singapore is a microcosm of Asia as a whole, and its rapidly ageing, ... Read more >>

Workshop Speakers

Guido Davidzon

Radiologist at Stanford Hospital who completed a master’s degree in medical informatics at the Harvard-MIT... Read more >>

Alvin B. Marcelo

General and trauma surgeon by training who is currently chief medical information officer of the St. Luke... Read more >>

Mataroria Lyndon

Physician from New Zealand where he is a Senior Lecturer in Medical Education at the University of Auckland... Read more >>

Calvin J Chiew

Resident in the National Preventive Medicine Residency Program in Singapore... Read more >>

Maimuna Majumder

Engineering Systems PhD candidate at MIT and computational epidemiology research fellow at HealthMap... Read more >>

Tony Gallanis

Genetic Epidemiology Master’s Student at the Harvard School of Public Health. Prior to Harvard... Read more >>

Christopher Moses

Incurable healthcare entrepreneur. While at MIT, Chris worked with Leo Anthony Celi and a team of fellow... Read more >>

Wanida Kanarkard

Assoc. Prof. Wanida Kanarkard is a Computer Engineering in Artificial Neural Networks High... Read more >>

Kittisak Sawanyawisuth

Kittisak Sawanyawisuth is a professor in Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University,... Read more >>

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